What’s This?

My other blog was made mostly of photographs, taken exclusively with cardboard boxes and tin cans. I loved taking those pinhole photos but even as I was making the pictures and developing them in the bathroom sink, I was thinking about the words I was going to use to introduce them. To make a pinhole photograph you need preparation, luck and time. Words can spring at you at any time, with no preparation and no filter. In the shower. Half way between awake and asleep. In the adverts during  Gogglebox. When you’re in a health and safety committee meeting and everyone’s staring at you because you’ve forgotten what you’re meant to to be saying and instead you’re thinking about how you’re going to describe that character in that piece of prose that you’re going to write, eventually.

So I’m going to write stuff down and as there’s no point in writing down stuff that no one reads, I’m going to put it all here and tout it around to my friends, colleagues and distant acquaintances. Also, because a few weeks ago I went out for drinks with my friend Lindsay and she said that I should. I don’t know what I’m going to write yet but I do love a list, so there will be a few of those. I might write about music and parenting and food and Manchester, sewing and running and museums and art galleries. I might write about pinhole photography. There will definitely be oversharing. I will probably tell, in full, the whole grisly stories of when my children were born. That’ll put you off your dinner.

If you particularly enjoy anything you read here please let me know then share it around. My fragile sense of self belief will be eternally grateful.


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